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Saturday, June 8, 2013

And Onto Week 2!

Week 1 in Israel has been absolutely amazing! From the work I've been doing at the Commission to just being able to explore such a lively and historical city, I am constantly faced with new learning experiences.

I am really enjoying working at the Commission. Our co-workers are all so nice and welcoming, and I've been able to have several really interesting conversations about differences and similarities between the US and Israel, generally and in terms of disability policy. After meeting with Gaby and the Commissioner on Friday, I think we were all surprised to find out that in many ways Israel and America are facing similar issues in attempts to improve opportunities, both generally and in terms of employment, for persons with disabilities. Additionally, this past week I've been reviewing a document that outlines the regulations that apply to Israeli service providers in regard to accessibility. It was interesting to read about all of the different requirements, which were extremely well thought out and varied from police interrogations of persons with disabilities to museum exhibitions.

Last night Lawrence and I had the pleasure of going to services and having dinner with Rivka and her family. Everyone was so incredibly warm and hospitable, and I really enjoyed getting to learn more about Israel from the locals as well as experiencing what Shabbat is like in Jerusalem.

With Judy's arrival on Monday, I can only imagine that week 2 will prove even more exciting!


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  1. Fabulous posts, guys!! I can practically picture what you're doing:) Great to read Lawrence's last post with all the info about the work you're doing too - sounds really interesting! Have a great time with Judy next week!! :)