Excited to be chosen for the EDI GSL Experience in Israel

Saturday, June 14, 2014

And that wraps up Week 2!

Our second week in Israel was off to a great start as we spent the weekend enjoying ourselves in Tel Aviv. We visited the beautiful beaches of Tel Aviv, explored the city of Old Jaffa, and got a nice change of scenery. Despite being a bit warmer up in Tel Aviv, we spent a wonderful weekend with bright lights, tall skyscrapers, cool waters, and busy intersections.
We returned to Jerusalem excited to begin our first complete week of work. Jordan worked on a project researching incentives for companies to employ people with disabilities across different countries while I helped the Commission for Equal Rights for People with Disabilities properly translate lots of disability legislation into proper English. 

Throughout our busy week we were able to attend different events and continue exploring Jerusalem. We attended a music concert at the Israel American Center, we joined Rivka and Judge Adler (the Cornell liaisons) for lunch and dinner, and further explored the Old City during the annual Festival of Lights where most of the city is adorned with beautiful light exhibits. 
We are not gearing up for our third week of work where we will both begin new projects in conjunction with Elwyn, a non-profit organization that advocates disability rights. We are also getting ready to experience warmer temperatures and survive the heat! Our third week of adventures awaits us!


  1. Another great post Daniel and Jordan! I especially love that you are posting after each week, filling us in on what you did that week. Keep them coming, and the great pix!! :) Erin

  2. Thank you Daniel for this great post, the photos are amazing! Keep up the good work that you are doing Daniel and Jordan.

  3. Judy Young June 17, 2014 12:30 pm

    I spent a few productive days with Jordan and Daniel while meeting with current host organization representatives and also exploring new opportunities for the summer of 2015. I had a long but wonderful meeting with the head of the Israeli EEOC, Tziona Koenig-Yair, who is interested in hosting at least one student for a few weeks next year. While the local EEOC is enforcing anti-discrimination laws for a wide range of protected groups, including older workers, Arab minorities and others, the responsibility for protecting the employment rights of people with disabilities falls on the Commission for the Equal Rights of Persons with Disabilities. However, Israel enacted new affirmative action regulations for the government and it is the EEOC that will be responsible to ensuring its implementation for persons with disabilities as well. This will form one of the projects that our 2015 interns would be working on.

    Back to Jordan and Daniel, I am pleased to see that they have acclimated very well and on the occasions we had dinner together I noticed that they are not only enjoying the local cuisine, but also learned how to say thank you in Hebrew - Todah. When we met with the Commissioner today, both Jordan and Daniel asked very pointed questions and received clarification about their project. This meeting was also attended by Professor (Judge) Adler who has been instrumental in establishing the local connections that allowed us to develop this great internship program.

    Jordan and Daniel are also getting wonderful support and cultural immersion opportunities from Rivka Sillam who is our local "ambassador" and liaison to our students. She sends daily updates about special events that our students may avail themselves to. Tonight Rivka is taking them to a special dance show where the dancers are all wheelchair users. I am missing this events as I have to finish some work and participate in conference calls. When I return to the US on Thursday, I leave knowing that Jordan and Daniel are doing a great job, contributing to the expansion of knowledge for the hosts and are learning about the status and regulations pertaining the people with disabilities in Israel. They are also immersing themselves in the local culture and seem very comfortable in their new surroundings.

  4. Dear Jordan and Daniel, thank you so very much for these wonderful posts. You are remidning me of my really wonderful days in Israel last year, and the very beautiful places that I was able to visit and share with our students.

    Your projects with the Commission sound really terrific. I hope that you were able to accomplish what youhad set out to do.

    We look forward to hearing further about yoru experiences at Elwyn.