Excited to be chosen for the EDI GSL Experience in Israel

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week 4

This week Jordan and I began working with Elwyn, a non-profit organization that promotes the equality and rights of people with disabilities. We visited their main facility in Jerusalem and were introduced to the host of services they provide which include employment rehabilitation, employment placement, supported living arrangements, among others. We had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the employment system that Elwyn uses to eventually help individuals with disabilities enter the competitive labor market. We started off in the main facility in which individuals with disabilities work in a semi-sheltered environment doing manufacturing work. We then traveled to the city of Haifa where we got to see supported employment in action in various settings. Some of the jobs were located in a retirement home, in a nursery, in a vintage shop, in a nature preserve, in a supermarket, among others. In these sites, individuals with disabilities worked in the community with a job coach that helped them on their path to self-sufficiency and eventually competitive employment.

Supported Employment Site: Two individuals with disabilities helped out with several tasks in a nursery. 

Supported Employment Site: Three individuals with disabilities worked around in a nature preserve. 

The staff at Elwyn also shared anecdotes of several individuals with disabilities that started off in sheltered employment and are now working entirely on their own within the community.

In our visit to Haifa, we also got to explore the city's culture. We had lunch with Elwyn staff members at a local family restaurant in a Druze neighborhood. We were able to learn a bit about the Druze religion and even got to wear some traditional Druze clothing!

We learned a lot this past week and are excited to continue working with Elwyn this upcoming week! 


  1. You guys look great in the Druze clothing!

  2. This is a great post Daniel! thank you for sharing what you saw and learned and the great pictures taken "in the field"! -Erin