Excited to be chosen for the EDI GSL Experience in Israel

Friday, June 20, 2014

Week 3- Research and Dancing!

On Sunday, I had the opportunity to share my final report with Dafna from the Ministry of Economy. My report included incentives and programs that different countries are using to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities. Through this research, I realized that many countries are using similar practices and that there is little innovation.
After I presented my report, Daniel and I started our second project. Our second project is for both Elwyn and the Commission. For this project we are exploring global practices on transitioning out of sheltered employment into supported employment. For the first week of this project we researched transitional programs in Germany, Tennessee, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic. We are excited to compare these programs to those that Elwyn offers.
This past week we also had the opportunity to spend time with Judy! We went to a craft fair and had a delicious dinner! Judy also provided us with support on our projects.
On Tuesday night Rivka took us to see a dance performance done by people in wheelchairs as a part of the Jerusalem Festival for Disabled Artist. It was incredible and unlike anything that we had ever experienced.

Daniel and I will be traveling to Masada and the Dead Sea tomorrow and then Haifa on Sunday to explore sheltered workshops.


  1. Excellent recap of the projects you have been working on, thank you for sharing your work with us. I also truly enjoyed the video and am so glad you took it and shared it. Thank you! Hard to believe you're halfway done, I hope the remaining three weeks are even better for you. -Erin

  2. Thanks Jordan for sharing what you've been working on in Israel. Keep up the good work! - Kate