Excited to be chosen for the EDI GSL Experience in Israel

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Week 1 In Jerusalem!

         Daniel and I arrived safely in Israel on Saturday afternoon. After settling into Allenby, our home for the next six weeks, we headed over to Ben Yehuda Street to meet up with a Taglit-Birthright group from Cornell! 
Daniel and I met up with Rabbi Scott, Cornell Hillel's Reform Rabbi, and Alyssa Kirsch on Ben Yehuda Street!

Daniel found a "Cornell" Celebrity: Sarah Balik (The President of Student Assembly)

         Daniel and I met Rivka, the Cornell Liaison in Israel on Sunday. Rivka drove us around Jerusalem and showed us a lookout where we could see the city! Afterwards Rivka took us to Old City where we walked around and had an incredible dinner. 
Our first trip to the Wall!
Daniel and I in front of an overlook of Jerusalem! 

         On Monday we had our orientation for our internship at the Commission for Equal Rights For Persons with Disabilities and the Ministry of Economy. Our supervisors Dafna from the Ministry of Economy and Gaby, from the Commission for Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities were extremely helpful and welcoming. They introduced us to the projects that we will be working on for the next six weeks. After our orientation, Daniel and I had lunch and began to prepare for Shavout because all of Jerusalem would be closed for the holiday. 
         During Shavout, Daniel and I continued to explore the Old City. While in the Old City, we visited the Temple Mount and the Dome of the Rock. We also explored many of the shops in the outdoor market, also known as the Souk, before the holiday began. The holiday was an excellent opportunity for us to overcome our jet lag and to prepare for our first day of work!  

The Dome of the Rock!

         Daniel and I have started working on our first set of projects at the Commission. We are currently working on researching global approaches to to incentives for employing people with disabilities and Daniel is working on correcting English translations for the Commission’s website! 
My favorite Israeli dish, Shawarma. (I've had it every day since we have been here!)
         We are excited to head to Tel Aviv for Shabbat and then to come back and continue our work at the Commission!


  1. What an awesome post, Jordan!! Thank you so much for sharing and to both you and Daniel for the great pictures. So neat that you met up with other CU students- it really is a small world :). Keep the great posts coming!

  2. Thank you Jordan, looks like you are having a great time!

  3. Looks like you are acclimating well! - David